TJ the Police Dog

There are Many Rottweiler that serve as Police dogs or in the armed services in the UK and around the world



This is the story of one of them




A ROTTWEILER called TJ is believed to be the first police dog to conquer the

Three Peaks challenge.

The four-year-old reached new heights when he covered a distance of 3,407m in less than 24 hours with handler

PC Mandy Gornicki-Bond.


PC Gornicki-Bond's second dog Budd, an English Springer/Cocker Spaniel cross whose day job is to detect drugs, made it to the top of Snowdon as part of the challenge to raise money for Avon and Somerset Police Dog Benevolent Fund.


TJ showed his strength when powering his way to the top of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon peaks.

PC Gornicki-Bond said: “As a police dog, TJ is trained on a daily basis to ensure he performs well on duty. However, it was very difficult to prepare him for the Three Peaks Challenge as we didn’t know what elements we would have to face.


There was snow at the top of Ben Nevis which took TJ by surprise, but apart from that he took the challenge in his stride. There were times when he coped so well with the rugged landscape he left me standing.


PC Gornicki-Bond said TJ was fuelled on mini cocktail sausages to keep up his energy while reaching the top of the three peaks. She set up the Fund to support handlers and members of the public who care for retired police dogs.


In 2005, TJ became the first Rottweiler to join the Avon and Somerset force, and since then, he has taken part in the arrest of numerous criminals all over the area.


He’s really proved the case for recruiting Rottweilers into the force, PC Gornicki-Bond said. “Together we’re hoping to raise more than £1,000 to get the fund off to a strong start".


PC Gornicki-Bond set up the charity to support handlers and members of the public who care for retired police dogs.


The idea came about when I met a lady at Crufts last year who told me all about the Police Dog Benevolent Fund she runs in Yorkshire,she said. It’s something we’ve never had in Avon and Somerset, which is surprising considering the huge expense that comes with caring for a retired police dog.


Sometimes the dog handlers are so attached to their dogs that when the animals are no longer able to work they keep them on as pets. After all, they’d have lived and worked with the dog for a number of years, spending more time with them than members of their own families!


But often the dogs are taken into the care of members of the public, and if the dog’s been injured on duty or the demands of the job have taken their toll over the years, the likelihood is they’ll need expensive veterinary care at some point – this is in addition to the daily costs of feeding and caring for the dogs. It’s a huge ask for officers or members of the public to take on this expense, which is why the Benevolent Fund is so important.”


She TJ and Budd are now resting before returning to work later this week.

TJ has proved he is now at the peak of his fitness and prepared to take on any criminal that crosses his path, she said.