You may ask yourself why ?



Why Do some Breeders Ask you some many question and want to know if you have had dogs or Rottweilers before, It's Because it takes the wright type of person to care for and love one of there dogs as part of the family for the rest of its life.


There is sadly many cases where Rotty's are bought for a macho image,guard dog chained up or just not treated humanly or where vet bill just can't be met.


This is why responsible breeders vett prospective owners to avoid the reoccurance of the following



You can see pic's on the next page (Warning Galley) of some mistreated Rottweiler but be worned they are not nice,this does happen and this is why i ask you all to help Rottweiler Welfare

There is also a trend to move on or sell older Bitches when they can't be breed from anymore and then replace them with a new younger victim,So please ask questions when buying a puppy and if your not sure about the breeder dont buy off them please .

Please look at the above site ROTTWEILERS IN NEED

as they need your help with funding and rehoming of some

Very friendly loving dogs