Tails on Rottweilers




The Law in England (From 6 April 2007) Scotland and Wales (from 27 March 2007) changed  with the introduction of the Animal welfare bill





This bill has many changes one of which is banning of Mutilations and tail docking of dogs this covers any procedure that involves interference with the sensitive tissues or bone structure of an animal other than for therapeutic purposes (medical treatment).






If you are looking for a Rottweiler puppy and find one available born after these dates from the said countrys then the breeder has broken the law and can be sent to jail and fined up to £20,000 per docked dog.


At the moment Rottweilers are being docked still by Puppy farmers and other bad people who don’t think about the walfare of the puppy just the sale and you will most likely find many other medical and socal problems with these puppies.


Most people still profare the breed docked from a cosmetic view or because they can’t breed the correct tail set, the kennel club has not yet changed the breed standard about tails like the rest of europe and most breeder don’t want them to until 2013 to give them time to sort out there breeding.


We are breeding at this time to try to get correct tails as we have always looked at the male to suit our bitch and not just picked a dog because it is a winning dog or because the right person owns it, the breed is more then a tail and breeder must not go tail mad or tail blind at the cost of the construction of the breed.


We get emails every day saying we plan to work our Rottweiler and catching tails will causing a serious problem, well in most of Europe for 10 to 15 years now docking has been band and most of them countries do work there Rottweilers and the armed forces and the police use Rottweiler that are undocked.


When walking a Rottweiler that has a full wagging tail the attitude of the general public is totally different towards the dog and can only be taken as a positive look forward in a time where any problem true or fouls hits the head lines to sell the gutter presses news papers