Stud Dog


We currently have three stud Dogs:


Dromnagus Dark Intruder BVA H/S 3:3, BVA E/S 1 (PROVEN)

Upend Just Junior at Dromnagus BVA H/S 5:4, Heart tested Clear / grade 0 (PROVEN)

We have now had 7 litter and used 7 different stud dogs


The Dark Litter:





The Royal Litter:





The One Litter:

 Upend Just Junior at Dromnagus




The Monty Litter:





The Naked Litter :

Dromnagus Dark Intruder




The All Litter :

Rougeau Benno to Upend




The Great Litter :

Dromnagus Royal Decree

Conditions for the use of one of my dogs as a stud are as follows:


The Bitch is over two years of age at time of mating


The Bitch is checked by a Vet and is healthy


 The Bitch has had all breeding restrictions lifted by its breeder and the puppies will all be KC registered


The Bitch is BVA Hip Scored and the total is below 20 (or European equivalent)


The Pedigree of the Bitch is compatible with my male


The temperament of the Bitch is good and she is a good example of the breed standard


The Bitch has not had more then 3 litter previous


The owners of said bitch sell there puppies with contracts and should any owners no longer be able to home the dog it must be returned to the breeder for rehoming


The owner of said bitch is an experienced Breed owner that can give advice on rearing and training of puppies and help with any problem the new owner’s experiences


Sorry we do not breed with any one who owns a Rottweiler as a pet, as we believe they lack experience and knowledge of pedigrees and faults that different lines may Carry and the breed standard i.e. the correct construction of the breed etc.


The breed at this time has a lot of bad press due to bad breeding normally because it has been bred by some who has brought a Rottweiler as a pet and picked a stud because they think he looks nice.


When picking a stud dog it must:


Have a good temperament (NOT a guard dog)

Fit the Breed Standard (see the correct size)

Have a good mouth (correct bite)

The pedigree must be compatible (not produce faults when mixed)

The dog should suit the bitch and correct any minor faults (not double up on faults)  


Picking the right stud for a bitch is a very hard thing and can’t be taken lightly


The breeding of a litter must be done for the right reasons and not as a source of income,

 there are a lot of puppy farmers out there who don’t vet or advice people on the breed they just take the money and give you a puppy and that’s the end of the matter.


Breeders have a responsibility for there puppies and to help people who have had one off them.


I’m sorry if you do not agree with us but as a stud dog owner I believe we are also responsible for the welfare of the puppies and the breed as a hole, I do not want to see the Rottweiler in the UK put on the Dangerous dogs list or Banned and believe the law on breeding needs changing to help protect the breed from poor breeding and people even with the best intentions that breed there bitch with out knowledge of breeding and advising new owners.


Josie and Paul Perks have been showing and studying Rottweilers for years they have both passed all the critique set by the Kennel Club to Judge Rottweiler, they have passed verbal, written and practical tests on the breed set the by Kennel Club and now enjoy judging there beloved breed.          

 Dromnagus Royal Decree BVA H/S 3:3, E/S 1, Heart tested Clear / grade 0 (PROVEN)