Roxy's critiques

6 months, really was quite together, feminine but showing strength, head of medium length, broad skull, good almond shaped eyes, muscular neck, broad & deep body, well sprung ribs, flowing movement, good stride, very nice puppy  PG2.

Glenys Sykes


Nicely boned 7 month baby, like 1 well grown for her age. Her head still has a lot of developing to do but time is on her side. Nicely angulated, level topline. Like 1 bit long in back & through the coupling, rather overmarked. Fair feet, sound moving but as is to be expected at this age very loose all through

Peter Radley





Very attractive baby, needs time & patience. Gentle temperament Head about to finish. Good shape, good legs and feet, clean coat, moved well when she settled.

Violet Slade


Pretty 8 month old bitch, good bone & feet, broad chest, strong neck, good shoulder assembly, strong rear end, tail carried correctly most of the time, best mover in class. BP

Jenny Davie


Dromnagus All Eyes on Me – couldn’t agree more,11 mth bitch, feminine, yet with strength, good head pattern with good eye shape, sound in shoulder with good lay and well muscled legs and body substance. Moved well, Res BOB, BP & PG1

Mr Casling


Dromnagus All Eyes on Me – aptly named, so well made all through & a very good mover RBPIS

Jane Lilley


Just out of pup but still needs to mature, feminine head, dark eye, strong neck and good topline and tailset, tends to fall away, a little road work needed. BOB GP3

Mrs B F Jones


This bitch really impressed, good head & eye, free from any wrinkle or coarseness, front assembly was correct, well balanced, not over angulated at the rear which so often be seen in many exhibits, superb mahogany markings and to complete the picture powerful movement. Just flagged in the challenge probably from the heat but nevertheless a very promising youngster.

Jenny Wright


critique for stithians, 14 month old bitch in nice condition, good head, nice top line, good rear angulation, nice tail set, moved & handled well


critique for okehampton - 14 month old female, bery good body shape, well constructed front & rear, good strength in head yet obviously still female, very good movement


critique for plymouth - charming feminine bitch with lovely head & alert intelligent expression. well conformed all through, extremely sound and positive on the move,with good depth through the heart, excellent topline & tailset, in superb coat & hard muscular condition, BOB


critique for exonian - super outline, very good feet, well angulated, powerful neck flowing into smooth topline, decent head, dark gums, good teeth, in super order & moved well