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This page will answer some of you questions on buying a puppy of us


if you have any questions about buying a


Rottweiler or Russian Black Terrier


off us or


Just want some advice please contact us


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Viewing of a litter



Viewing of our litters are from four weeks of age, you can meet our dogs and see the environment the puppies are reared in.


As the puppies are susceptible to infection at this age we ask that you do not see another litter that day before coming to see ours (we recommend you to view as many litters as possible) or attend a dog show nor do we allow you to handle them until they have had there 7 week  vaccination (RBT are not vaccinated until 10 weeks of age).


We will also be more then happy if you would like to see the puppies grow and see them every week from four weeks of age





We would rather not take a Deposits on a puppy when you first come to view the litter, the reason for this is most people fall in love with puppies when they see them and buy on impulse, so we always recommend not to take money with you when viewing a litter as there are people out there that just want your money and will if given half a chance will part you from it.


We do not ask for a deposit on your first viewing and will not take one if we think your not 100% sure you want a puppy off us, as some people like to leave a deposit there and then to guarantee they get a puppy we will but we are  happier to take them the second time you come to see the puppies or from 3 days after you have viewed them.


Leaving for there new homes



Some breeders will let there puppies go to there new homes at 6 weeks we will NOT.


The Kennel Club say breeders should not let there puppies leave until 8 weeks.


Puppies start to be wend from there mother at 6 weeks but for a balanced puppy they need to play with the other puppies in the litter to help there own characters develop.


Between the ages of 6-8 weeks of age we watch the puppies to help to place them in the correct home i.e. a layed back puppy for a family home with children, an active puppy for some one who will be at home all day, etc


We also start training the puppies in social skills, i.e. letting you take his/her food, bone or toy off them, start house training them, getting them use to noises around the home,   socialising them with our older dogs.


At 7 weeks of age we have Rottweiler puppies vaccinated, they will then only need there 10 week vaccination and not 2 lots of vaccinations, we also have them micro-chipped ( there is no extra charge for this ),RBT Puppies we recommend not vaccinating until 10 & 12 weeks but please talk to you Vet about this as they may want to give it at 8 & 10 weeks.



We charge £850 for a Rottweiler puppy

We charge £1500 for a Russian Black Terrior Puppy

There are no hidden charges after that for the micro-chipping or any thing else.


We get people asking what the difference is between a £850 Rottweiler puppy and a puppy for £200-£400 etc.

We get people asking what the difference is between a £1500 RBT puppy and a puppy for £1000-£1200 etc




My Puppies are breed from BVA/KC HIP SCORED or European scheme dogs



If the sire or dam has been bred by me then they will have been BVA/KC ELBOW SCORED or European scheme



The parents will be KENNEL CLUB REGISTERED as will the puppies

(beware of a pedigree off the dog lover registry they cost £15 and any dogs names can appear with no proof of ownership or that the dogs are the parents).  


The bitch will be over the age of 2 and the codes of practice of all 10 Rottweiler clubs and the RBT club we are members of adhered to.


The temperament of the parents will be sound as will there health.


The dog will not be one from someone up the road but from a dog that could be anywhere in Europe that will have been picked to improve the breeding, the pedigrees will be compatible and have no known health problems.


The Puppies will be reared in the home not in a shed etc and reared with love and care.




No puppy will be sold that is not been passes healthy be my vet.


If a problem develops and you can no longer home the dog we will help rehome or take the dog back.


 The knowledge that they have been bred for the right reasons and not as a source of income from well match ambassadors of the breed that can be seen around the dog show circuit and not guard dogs or pets/burglar alarms stuck in back gardens that are not socialised with people or other dogs, unfortunately the list is endless until the government take the advice of the breed council and ban back street breeding and educate the British public in the code of ethics of dog breeding.        

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In this Country we get a lot bad press many due to lack of socialization with other dogs and people as well as a lack of basic training.


Rottweiler puppies need to  attend obedience classes and be socialized to help them be balanced pets, if  you just leave them lying around the house or garden with no training


That is bored and mentally stressed remember dogs need exercise of the body and mind.


The more you put in the better the dog you will end up with, correct training for you and your dog will make the world of differents.


Below is a web site with a Guide to buying a puppy