Puppy at 11 weeks

Now gone to his new Home

Red Collar


This is a very intelligent Boy who loves to play with a tenis ball and will play fetch.


He is very layed back and would do very well at Obedience  

11a WEEKS 064
11a WEEKS 067
11a WEEKS 072
11a WEEKS 077

He has show Potential and I would love to see him in the ring but as with all my pups finding the best home possible comes before getting my puppies in the show ring,he is very intelligent and I think would also do very well at obedience

Dromnagus puppies are 100% house reared (Not in kennels), this is a busy house and the puppies get used to noise of a home and being handled by all the family(including our 5 children) as well as being around other dogs.


We do not sell Guard dogs or dogs for "Schutzhund" as we sell all our puppies with a contract that states if you can no longer home the pup/dog it must be returned to use for us to find a suitable home, if I cant trust a pup/dog in my home with my family I could not and would not home it with any one else.