The Naked Litter at 5- 6 weeks

In these Pictures the puppies are between 5 and 6 weeks and this was the first time we tryed to get them to stand for some treats

xz bitch1
xz bitch1a

Bitch number 1

xz bitch2

Bitch number 2

xz bitch4

Bitch number 4

Bitch number 1

xz bitch3
xz bitch3a

Bitch number 3

Bitch number 3

xz male1

Male number 1

xz male3

Male number 3

xz male2

Male number 2

At 6 weeks they had there First Full Vaccination and a health check by our vet, All puppies passed with flying colours

Head shots at 7 weeks

xz b and r bitches
xz b and t bitches

The Girls :

Dromnagus Naked Flame

Dromnagus Naked Truth

Dromnagus Naked Emotions

Dromnagus Naked Shame


3 girls sold

1 girls available

to loving homes

xz male 1 b
xz male2 r
xz male3 7w
xz group

Dromnagus Naked Pride

Dromnagus Naked N Shameless

Dromnagus Naked Chef


The Boys :

The Naked Litter

Max has gone to his Family

This is little



Naked Chef


 Naked Pride


Naked N Shameless


Naked Emotions


Naked Shame


Naked Flame and Truth

Puppies are now


Juno has gone to her Family

Lexi has gone to her Family




Delilah has gone to her Family

he has gone to his Family