Jailed for Docking

Docking of dogs is now illegal in Great britain and most of Europe Now



There has been cases of people Jailed for Docking a litter


No vet in Great Britain will dock a litter of Rottweilers


If you see a litter of Rottweilers in Great Britain docked i'd check the breeder out

(buyer beware)

If they are prepared to illegally dock what else could be wrong

(pedigree, age of dam, health of puppies etc)

Docking of a dog now has a  maximum penalty for each offence

six months in prison and a fine of £20,000

also receive a ban on keeping animals.




Mrs Breden was sentenced to two months in prison for the docking of each puppy, to run concurrently. Arrangements are being made for the care of her Rottweiler bitch.


A WOMAN who docked a litter of Rottweilers has been sent to prison for two months (for each puppy) and banned from keeping any animal for ten years.


Gillian Breden, who may appeal, pleaded guilty to docking the eight day-old puppies

 when she appeared in court three weeks ago and was convicted of eight offences.

Sentencing was delayed for probation reports to be made.

Mrs Breden is thought to be the first person in England to be prosecuted under the docking ban in the Animal Welfare Act 2006.


At the previous hearing the court heard that Brighton and Hove City Council animal welfare officers saw the puppies at Breden’s home in Grove Hill, Brighton, in June when they were a month old. Len Batten, prosecuting for the council, said Breden immediately admitted she had docked the tails herself.

She said she had not known it was illegal to dock a tail and she had never done it before. But the court ruled that ignorance was no excuse and that dog owners had a duty to research the law.


Council officers took the puppies to the vet to be checked, and as they had no power to keep them they were returned to Breden. She told the court she sold seven for £300 and one for £450. She still owns the dam.

Previously she told the court: “People asked me if I would dock their tails as soon as they were born so I did it. I didn't know it was illegal. People who had them didn’t know either.

"If I’d known it was cruel I wouldn’t have done it. I am sorry for what I have done.”

She said she bred German Shepherds and Greyhounds until ten years ago and had never bred Rottweilers before.



TWENTY-two Rottweilers and Boxers have been seized from a bungalow in a raid involving the RSPCA and police.

A 42-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of assaulting officers, alleging causing minor injuries, and she and her 30-year-old husband are to be questioned on suspicion of causing animals unnecessary suffering. It is believed this may refer to Docked puppies allegedly being found at the property in Hailsham, East Sussex.


The RSPCA took away

 eight Boxer puppies,

 four Boxer bitches,

 eight Rottweiler puppies

 two Rottweiler bitches;

 a further 11 Rottweilers and Boxers were left at the bungalow.

 One puppy said to have a severe eye infection was put down later the same day.


 Witnesses say the dogs were being fed on whole rabbits.


The RSPCA said an investigation was taken underway. A police spokesman said: I can confirm an incident happened in Hailsham and three officers suffered minor injuries. Two people have been questioned and bailed to return to the police station

Fine for docking puppies' tails


A woman from Merthyr Tydfil has been fined for docking the tails of eight one-day-old Rottweiler puppies.


She was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £815.


It is understood to be the first case to be brought in Britain under the new Animal Welfare Act, which came into force in March.


Magistrates heard that Ms Whatmough had told an RSPCA inspector that after she cut their tails, the dogs had initially yelped until they were put back with their mother.


All eight puppies and their mother later died of an unrelated illness. 


Deliberate actions


The incident happened weeks after the new Animal Welfare Act was brought in, which made people legally liable for the basic welfare of their pets - including making it illegal to dock puppies' tails.


Only working dogs are exempt from the act, and even then the procedure must be done by a vet.


Magistrates decided that Ms Whatmough's deliberate actions had caused suffering to the puppies, but decided not to disqualify her from keeping animals in future as her dogs had otherwise been well cared for.



Owners jailed for docking puppies


Three dog owners were yesterday each jailed for three months after a 'gross and barbaric' operation to dock the tails of 11 puppies killed the entire litter.


Lloyd Earlington, David Hunkins and Julie Ward had together inflicted enormous cruelty on the Rottweiler puppies without giving them any anaesthetic, Birmingham Magistrates' Court heard.


The agony was so excruciating that two of the litter died almost immediately, while another three were in such severe shock they had to be put down.



Three dog owners have been jailed for three months each after 11 puppies died in a "gross and barbaric" tail-docking operation. The trio inflicted enormous cruelty on the Rottweiler puppies without giving them any anaesthetic, Birmingham magistrates heard on 26/4/02. The agony was so excruciating that two of the litter died almost immediately, while another three were in such severe shock they had to be put down. The rest passed away within three weeks. The puppies' spinal cords were left exposed by the operation, while the two main arteries had been severed in many cases, rendering the wounds virtually impossible to suture.

 Lloyd Earlington (35) of Watson Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham, had admitted 11 counts of animal cruelty at a previous hearing. He had also admitted one count of practising unregistered veterinary surgery, for which he received an £1,100 fine or an alternative of an extra day in custody. David Hunkins (33) and mother-of-four Julie Ward (37) of Harts Road, Washwood Heath, Birmingham, both admitted 11 counts each of animal cruelty. The court heard how a Rottweiler bitch owned by Ward and a dog of the same breed belonging to Hunkins had produced the litter. The couple believed that docking the tails of the puppies would make them more saleable but wanted to avoid veterinary fees for the operation. Earlington arrived at Hunkins' and Ward's home with supplies of Stanley knife blades and mixed a supposed painkiller solution. Ward and Hunkins passed each puppy through to Earlington in the utility room where he sliced their tails off.