Health Issues


The health of our dogs and the health of the dogs we breed are very important to us.


We have always Hip Scored our Rottweilers and bred from low BVA/KC Hip Scored dogs.


Since 2004 we have Elbow Scored the Rottweilers we have bred and kept

as well as the dog we brought in from another breeder (RBT),

we only breed from low BVA/KC Hipscored Scored dogs.


We have now (2008) started to Heart Test all of our Rottweilers and our RBT,

 there is said to be NO problem in UK Rottweilers from heart murmurs but my vet tells me otherwise and Europe and the United States test there dogs before they can be entered in there breeding programs.


We are members of The Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme (ABS)


Our commitment to the breed both Rottweilers and Russian Black Terriers is to breed dogs with healthy bodies and minds


When we breed we research the pedigrees of the dogs we use as studs to our bitches

as well as the pedigree of any bitch that is to be put to our dog and

ONLY if there is no genetic problems will the mating go ahead i.e.


No heart problems,

No Hip or Elbow Dysplasia,

 No Entropion (eyelids fold inwar),

No Ectropion (sagging lower eyelids)

Have not knowingly produced any pups with genetic or breed faults.


Today a lot of dogs die of Cancer and genetically it is imposable to find a pedigree

 that is cancer free in all breeds of dog unfortunately it is a sad fact of modern life

 with dogs and people I wish there was an answer to it.


Hopefully one day dogs will have birth and Death certificates and better track of illness could be worked out (bloodlines also known as pedigrees or environmental conditions and locations)


The health of your dog also depends on diet and like training what you put in your dog makes a great differents so feed a good quality food

(if you have had your dog from a reputable breeder they will be able a advice you on diet

as hopefully you have seen they have health dogs that are not in poor condision,

 over or under weight)