How to Put a Slip (Choke Chain) Collar on Dogs

What is the correct way to place a slip collar on a dog?


The proper way to put on a choke collar is to put it in front of the dog so it looks like a horizontal 'P.' The leash is attached to the ring that does not have the collar sliding through it. From the leash then, the collar runs over the TOP of the dog's neck and then around to the other ring. When placed on your dog in this manner, pulling on the leash will cause the collar to tighten. When you relax the leash, the collar loosens.


If placed on your dog incorrectly, the links of the collar go from the leash through the other ring and then UNDER the dog's neck. If placed on your dog incorrectly, the collar will often not automatically loosen when you pull on the leash.


It is best to receive training from a dog handler or trainer on the proper use of a choke collar. Injuries to dogs have occurred when the collars were incorrectly placed on the dog or used improperly. If your dog is very small or has a respiratory problem, choke chains are not recommended.


If your puppy or dog continues to pull on the leash even while wearing a choke collar, you may want to consider a different type of collar or going to a trainning class