About Us  and Our Family

Hello we live in the south of Birmingham (between J5 & J4 of the M6 motorway) with our 5 childrem Mathew, Samantha, Lewis, Jayne and Connor


We have always been involved in various breeds of dogs & my family all had Rottweilers as i grow up, we were fortunate in meeting Joy Gough { Shuvio Rottweilers }

 who allowed us to have two excellent bitches who are the foundation of my Show kennel.


With Joys encouragement and support we started showing successfully. In 2003/2004 at various championship and open shows we were able to qualify Lola for Crufts 2004 then Lola and Dromie for Crufts 2005 and so on since.


We added a male Jake who's temperament is truly outstanding and then a beautiful bitch Pip from Wendy Steel {Upend Rottweilers}.


We now also have


1 home bred male Diesel  from Lola  and  Champion Fantasa Emerald Intruder


2 home bred bitches Pearl, Crystal  from Lola  and  Champion Fantasa Emerald Intruder


1 Home breed male Remus from Dromie and Champion Fantasa King Of Jazz


1 Home breed Male Merlin (undocked) From Pip and Champion Magglynn Just Kenny


1 Home breed male Shamus (undocked) from Dromie and Diesel


2 Home breed Male Gibbs & Henry (undocked) From Pip and Rougeau Benno to Upend 


1 Home bred Bitch Ebony (undocked) From Pip and Rougeau Benno to Upend


1 Home bred Bitch Hazel (undocked) From Pearl and Remus 


1 Bitch Ziva (undocked) bred by Jimeva from JIMEVA LET IT ROCK and JIMEVA WELSH GOLD


The New Animal Welfare Bill starts on the 6th April 2007 and one of the new rules banned tail docking, many breeders who have said once you have had a Rottweiler there is no other dog are now moving to a breed traditionally not docked we are not, the loving character and all that makes a Rottie the great dog it is will not change.


We have now got a second breed Produced by the Red Star Army Kennels for the Russian army, bred as the Ultimate working dog from Giant Schnauzer male named “Roy” mainly and various bitches Rottweiler, Airedale and Newfoundland, General G. Medvedev the man who experiment into genetics and inheritance of these dog must be very proud of the modern RBT we have today,this is also a breed that will be effect by the new docking ban.


We are very proud to now own a Russian Black Terrier from the world renowned

Fernwood Kennels,

Nikitta is an amazing bitch that has wormed her way into our familys hearts.


Our Rottweilers are raised and live harmoniously together in the house and on our premises as members of our family this is something which we are very proud of, As hard as it may seem a house with nine Rottweilers, a Russian Black Terrier and five children is not a recipe for disaster mainly because the dogs are obedience trained unlike the children.


We are truly Rottweiler enthusiasts to the extent that our youngest daughter Jayne aged 7 (now 14) and Connor aged 9 (now 13) are exhibiting 10 of our Rotties with successand now our RBT


Jayne qualified for Crufts 2005 in junior handling classes & then Crufts 2006, 2007, 2008 in junior handling & stakes classes,Connor has qualifed for Crufts 2008in junior handling


she was also placed


4th in the JHA Working group 6-11 2004 semi-finals,


3rd in the JHA Working group 6-11 2005 semi-finals,



*** ****** ******  ****** 1st in the JHA Working group 6-11 2006 semi-finals ******  ****** ****** ***


3rd YKC handing at CRUFTS 2006 


*** ****** ****** ****** 1st place in YKC HANDLING (6-11 years) ****** ****** ******* ***

(Working and Pastoral Group)






Jayne with Pip was the 1st working dog in 2007 to Qualifying for CRUFTS 2007 YKC WORKING STAKES by winning at Manchester Championship show 2006 and also Qualifying Jake at Birmingham Championship show, giving her 2 dogs to handle in the same class with the help of Connor, and now again at Manchester Championship show 2007 with Jake for Crufts 2008 she has also Qualified Pip and Nikitta so will this Year be handling 3 dogs in the same class with the help of her 3 brothers.


We really enjoy showing our dogs and are extremely proud of them and Jayne and Connor.


Our dogs are our companions and breeding and showing is just our hobby, they are not used as a source of income, all our dogs have been bred from excellent pedigrees to ensure sound temperament and conformation, If we decide to keep a puppy we have bred or purchased from another kennel, then that puppy will stay with us for the rest of its life. We will not re-home a dog just because it does not turn out the way we had hoped or that does not like the show ring. They are not disposable, when a dog lives with us, it's for life!


Our puppies are Kennel Club registered, tattooed or Micro chipped and vaccinated before being placed in loving permanent homes (UK & EUROPE ONLY), each puppy is sold with a contract, a full after-sale service, plus six weeks free insurance, puppy info pack & food etc.


We are always here to help any prospective owners of Rottweilers or Russian Black Terriers

aswell as any one that needs a bit of advice or guidance



Josie and Paul Perks have been showing and studying Rottweilers for years they have both passed all the critique set by the Kennel Club to Judge Rottweiler, they have passed verbal, written and practical tests on the breed set the by Kennel Club and now enjoy judging there beloved breed.