27-07-2002 to 13-07-2010


BREEDER : Mrs Joy Gough

BVA/HIP SCORE 6/3.........................STUD BOOK No- 3429CP

Run Free






Sire - Hanarah Fearless, ex Falco Von Der Runderkraal Fantasa, ex



Dam - Shuvio ischler delight, ex



Lola is a fantastic bitch with a very impressive pedigree and temperament to match, Lola produced a cracking litter when she was mated to                                                                  , we've kept three puppies from this mating.

The Dark Litter (Date of Birth 1-04-2004).


Lola's second Litter breed for there Temperament, The One Litter (Date of Birth 16-01-2007)

The Sire Upend Just Junior at Dromnagus has been shown by my daughter since she was 8 years old and will be showing him at CRUFTS 2009 in YKC  handling classes as well as in his breed class, they won the YKC Handling Working & Pastoral Group age 6-11 @ CRUFTS 2007 & 2008.


Lola was the first Rottweiler I showed in the ring and she did very well winning many 1st, Best Puppy in Breed & Best of breed.


Lola was a very strong bitch with great movement who loved to show and play, she is the reason why I love the breed so much (my first true love) she held my heart in her paws.


Lola was the best bitch i could have ever have hope for and i will always be proud to say my foundations in the breed are from her.


Lola's has produced low Bva Hip and Elbow scored Puppies :

Pearl Hips 0-0 Elbow 0, Crystal Hips 3-5 Elbow 0, Diesel Hips 3-3 Elbow 1 and Topaz Hips 2-3





Sire - Hanarah Fearless


Litter brother

             Shuvio Amber Nectar





                Dromnagus Dark Intruder


Son - Dromnagus Dark Wizard

Lola and Friends at a local Country Park dog walk


Well Socialized Rottweiler are a joy and love to play with over dogs,but should not be off the lead in public parks as should NO BREED OF DOG BE  SMALL OR LARGE,as a responsible owner, there are dog walks where your dogs can go and people how are not dog lovers or dont like dogs dont go, Keep your dog safe from harm at all times.

Int Ch Doc Von Der Teufelsbrucke &

Fantasa Dutch Violet

                                                             Ch Fantasa Ultra Violet, ex Ch Pendley Winston & Ch Fantasa Red Riding Hood

Champion Fantasa Emerald Intruder