Sire : Dromnagus Dark Intruder - Diesel

H/S 3.3 E/S 1

Sire - CH Fantasa Emerald Intruder      Dam - Shuvio Pearls & Lace



Dam : Shuvio Follow My Dream - Dromie

H/S 3.4  1 CC

Sire - Hanarah Fearless      Dam - Shuvio Ischler Delight

Dromnagus Naked Flame


21st  February 2008 - 3rd January 2009

RIP Darla


Rip little one


It is hard to loose one so young especially when not from natural courses



Standing at 14 weeks old


she can do a 2 min down stay at 14 weeks old

Darla dislodge her Patella bone in her knee playing with her brother Shamus and Dam Dromie, she has had it pinned and is doing well.


This can happen in young boisterous puppys as they jump around, according to our vet it is a very common injury in pups of all breeds. prognosis is good darla should recover fully if she is well rested.

darla 9 months1
Darla 9months

Darla at 9 1/2 months