ch kenny
Champion Magglynn Just Kenny (3CC & 1RCC) H/S 3.3 E/B0.1
Upend Kick Up At Dromnagus H/S 5.6
Rougeau Matty (3 Rec CC)
Hardrada True Grit At Magglynn
Champion Warrimead Joshua
Upend Cleopatra
Upend Flame And Fortune
Rougeau Shot In The Dark
Champion Fantasa Emerald Intruder
Champion Hardrada Let It Be Me
Schutzer The Norseman
Warrimead Memphis Belle
Champion Fantasa Ultra Violet
Upend Airy Fairy
Hanarah In To The Fire
Upend Cleopatra
Kiko Jailbirds Mra-Zus At Gameguards (imp)
Rougeau Dealers Choice Choice
Jemouga Precious Metal Metal
Champion Fantasa Green Emerald
Champion Fernwood Horatio
Abukadra Calender Girl At Hardrada
Champion Svedala The Scandinavian
Hanbar Marja Of Schutzer
Warrimead Draco
Warrimead Keinhart Alana
Champion Pendley Winston
Champion Fantasa Red Ridding Hood
Fantasa Jade Joker
Cuidado Auntie Nellie