K9 Hydrotherapy

There are many benefits that hydrotherapy has to offer to large breeds of dogs like the Rottweiler

They can exercise to improve fitness levels with out putting weight on joins

After a dog may have had surgery to repair a broken bone or ruptured ligament but only with veterinary surgeons advice at experienced Hydrotherapy pools

It is therefore of use in many orthopaedic conditions both pre-operatively to improve muscle tone to affected limbs
and post-operatively to improve repair

They also like our dogs just love to swim and can do so in a safe and clean environment

 We have pictures below of Diesel swimming we also take Remus and Merlin to the same pool

Diesel loves to retrieve a rubber chicken
He is a strong swimmer and the water jets have to be turned off

Remus is also a very strong swimmer but will not retrieve at this time

Merlin is strong on his front and is starting to use his back legs more 

swim 001
swim 008
swim 021
swim 026
swim 029
swim 030
swim 002
swim 025
swim 017
swim 028
swim 033
swim 034