Hips and Elbows Scores

All Rottweilers in the UK and Europe that are Breed should be Hip scored, Some breeders like us also now Elbow Score as well.

The B.V.A ( BRITISH VETERINARY ASSOCIATION ) award your hip scored and elbow score from radiographs ( x-rays ) taken by a B.V.A. VET

The lower the score, the less evidence of hip or elbow dysplasia present

The hips are scored right side max of 53 and left side max of 53, total max possible of 106, the breed average for Rottweilers is now 13.
breed average for Russian Black Terrier is now 40

The Elbow are scord right range 0-3 and the left 0-3, total max possible of 3,highest side score taken, there is no breed average.

Dogs should not be hip and elbow scored before 12 monthes of age

Shuvio Follow My Dream- Dromie   BVA/HIP SCORE 4/3 total 7

Shuvio Pearls & Lace - Lola   BVA/HIP SCORE 6/3 total 9

Upend Just Junior at Dromnagus - Jake   BVA/HIP SCORE 5/4 total 9

Upend Kick Up at Dromnagus -Pip  BVA/HIP SCORE 5/6 total 11

Dromnagus Dark Pearl - Pearl  BVA/HIP SCORE 0/0 total 0   BVA/ELBOW SCORE 0

Dromnagus Dark Crystal - Crystal   BVA/HIP SCORE 3/5 total 8   BVA/ELBOW SCORE 0

Dromnagus Dark Intruder - Diesel  BVA/HIP SCORE 3/3 total 6   BVA/ELBOW SCORE 1

Dromnagus Royal Decree - Remus   BVA/HIP SCORE 3/3 total 6   BVA/ELBOW SCORE 1

Fernwood Dragomira at Dromnagus - Nikitta  BVA/HIP SCORE 7/8 total 15    BVA/ELBOW SCORE 0

Dromnagus The Full Monty - Merlin  BVA/HIP SCORE 3/3 total 6

pearl hip score

Dromnagus Dark Pearl Above

BVA Hip Score 0-0

This x-ray of Dromnagus Dark Pearl shows perfect hips and how the dogs vertabra should be stright when the x-ray is taken.

If the dog is not straight and has poor positioning it will affect the score.

see the link below for pictures and a more indepth article.