Crufts 2010

We were invited back again to represent the breed ( Rottweiler & Russian Black Terriers) on the


 Myself, Josie and my daughter Jayne (aged 13 ) and our dogs

On Friday

Dromnagus Breakin All Rules (10 month old male Rottweiler) Gibbs
Dromnagus The Full Monty (2 1/2 year old male Rottweiler) Merlin
Upend Just Junior at Dromnagus (6 1/2 year old male Rottweiler) Jake
On Saturday & Sunday

Fernwood Dragomira at Dromnagus (3 1/2 year old Russian Black Terrier Bitch) Nikkita

On working day we were very busy as we have Ten dogs qualified but only Seven entered

Dogs Qualified :


Shuvio Follow My Dream  ( 1 CC ) – Dromie
Shuvio Pearls & Lace – Lola
Upend Just Junior at Dromnagus – Jake
Dromnagus Dark Intruder - Diesel
Dromnagus Dark Crystal – Crystal
Dromnagus The full Monty JW -Merlin
Dromnagus Breakin All Rules - Gibbs
Dromnagus Great Pretender - Hazel
Jimeva Ultimate Temptation for Dromnagus - Ziva

Dromnagus dogs not owned by us but Qualified :

Dromnagus Royal Intrigue Riggs
Owner: Mr P Mullen

Dromnagus All Eyes On Me Roxy
Owner: Miss RebeccaVerran 

Russian Black Terrier

Fernwood Dragomira at Dromnagus – Nikitta